How To Choose The Right Tissue Box Cover For Your Needs

How To Choose The Right Tissue Box Cover For Your Needs

May 03 , 2022

Adnan Khurshid

Tissue box covers are useful pieces of home decor, which serve both a functional and decorative purpose. If you're looking to install one in your home, the first step is choosing the right tissue box cover for your needs. Knowing what features to look for can make shopping much easier, so read on for some helpful tips.

A tissue box cover should be selected based on the type of décor a person has in her home, the way she enjoys decorating, and how much money she wants to spend. Tissue box covers come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials. Some are simple, practical solutions that blend seamlessly with a room's décor, while others are decorative pieces of art.

If you want to change the look of your room and keep tissues handy, then tissue box covers are a great idea. 

Finding the right tissue box cover (or box dispenser) can be a real challenge. vidit kittol to get quality tissue box cover. Having too many covers is boring and having too few is annoying. To get the biggest bang for your buck, you have several things to consider:

1.     Style

Tissue boxes are an everyday part of our lives - we use them in the bathroom, bedroom and even at our desks. To help make these every day lifesavers more stylish, we created our tissue box covers. Featuring an array of beautiful designs, they're the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home.

 Tissue box covers are available in a wide range of styles. Almost every design that can be imagined has been attempted. More popular designs are based on animals or cartoon characters. Others are simple plastic or wooden designs that complement any decor.

If you are looking for some awesome and stylish tissue box cover then you’re at right place! We have a wide range of high quality tissue box covers that are unique to make home décor more stylish. Our tissue box covers are perfectly crafted.

2.     Color

Color makes a difference. When we talk to people about their tissue boxes and tissue box covers, they tell us that color is important as it impacts the look of their room/house. When choosing tissue box covers, don’t forget to take color into account. Light colors brighten a room while darker colors can help tone down a room. Coordinating your choice to the color of paint used on your walls can really make the room pop.

Change your tissue box cover without changing the look of your room! Our decorator-quality covers are not only beautiful, they've been designed to fit most standard-size tissue boxes.

Whether you are looking to give your room, your set of tissue boxes a new look, or just to change the color of your current box, we have a variety of colors ready for you. Pick from our assortment of black white , grey and brownish color schemes . Our tissue boxes come in eleven different styles and multiple color options, so there's something for everyone!

3.     Shape

tissue boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, but finding a box cover that actually fits can be challenging. square and rectangle are the most common shapes  of the tissue box cover. The square shape is used for smaller wrapped boxes, primarily found in bathrooms at work, most hospitals and in public restrooms. Rectangle ones are used for bigger wrapped boxes of tissues. They can be found in schools and offices to store a larger amount of used tissue.

Choosing the write shape of the cover is important to boost the style statement. Our tissue box covers are made to fit a standard tissue box. These tissue box covers can be folded, packed and restored to original shape whenever required. Share happy times and romantic moments to your lover with this adorable tissue box cover.

4.     Size

The best tissue box cover for your needs is the one that fits your particular tissue box best. You should also measure your personal space before deciding on the size of your cover. Measure the length and width of areas where the cover will fit, such as on a nightstand or next to a sofa armrest. This way, you will know if the size is right for your needs.

Be the one to get this fashionable cover for your bathroom, bedroom or office. Greet your guests with a tissue box cover of your choosing to match your home decor. The modern tissue box cover of kittol is made of flexible PU leather and fits all standard square tissue boxes. This sturdy yet soft material will protect the tissue box from waste and damage as well as keep it clean from others. Available in an array of sizes and colors!


Practicality The type of tissue box cover you choose will ultimately affect how convenient it is to use and clean. Our tissue box cover is lightweight and durable, as well as easy to clean. It features a comfortable grip handle for ease of removal of tissues from the box that make it convenient to use. These covers are made from 100% high quality faux leather which make the cover durable and light in weight. It fits all standard sized tissue boxes.

5.     Quality

A perfect cover for your tissue boxes Not only does it protect the pieces, it can also become a decor for your home. Because a tissue box is something you have to have in your home, we have to make the choice wisely.

In terms of quality, the price should not be your consideration. After all, we will be using it every day so it makes no difference whether it is an expensive one or not. Don't settle for a flimsy tissue box cover, choose quality! A good quality cover will last a long time, no matter what design, color or theme is used.

With strong stitching and sophisticated design, Our tissue box covers are made of premium quality faux leather that is vegan friendly as well.

6.     Portability

Choose Compact and Portable Tissue Box Cover: So that you could carry it easily to anywhere in home. It would be a great help for any family. Such covers help to customise the most frequently used items at home for fast & convenient setting up wherever you want. Easy to place on top of any box type tissue dispenser, it's suitable for your home use.

Get a good quality tissue box cover! Our tissue box cover is easy to carry anywhere like in the bedroom, living room or outside. Sponge is soft, elastic and flexible to use combined with flux leather that  protects you from standing sharp objects inside the tissue box is perfectly combined with environment-friendly protection of the environment.

7.     Multi usage

The multipurpose product has more interesting uses than you can imagine. tissue box cover is designed as a multipurpose product. You can also use it as a door cover or even as a bin for your desk. You may be surprised at how much you can put inside the small space, such as gum and other small items.

Our flat tissue box cover is a modern, trendy way to conceal unsightly tissue boxes. This simple yet creative solution is the perfect replacement for old-fashioned tissue box covers that get in the way and clutter your table tops or vanities. Our tissue box covers are available in white, black, brown, light brown and ivory cream colors. Each tissue box cover is made of high-quality material.

Though a small accessory, it is seen everywhere and used daily by people. It looks good, has a splash of colour on the counter top, and hence, it enhances aesthetics and helps maintain hygiene. And this is not just decorative; it also serves as an attractive holder for tissues and napkins.

Benefits Of Having Right Tissue Box Cover

  •   it allows you to utilise tissues quickly while also keeping the tissues clean.
  •   They are not only used to store tissues, but also extra cleaning supplies and other tiny goods such as cotton buds, razors, and other throw-away items.
  •   If you store the tissues in the correct box, they will remain fresh and soft when used.
  •   Tissue Box Covers enable you to create a better, more organised environment in your home. Decorate, preserve, and conceal unattractive tissue boxes while improving the appearance of your bathroom.
  •  The best aspect is that they are really simple to install and have an immediate impact.
  •   They provide the additional purpose of concealing an unsightly tissue box, which is a great advantage when it comes to decorating!

Have you ever tried searching for tissue box covers on the internet? It's a nightmare! And even when it comes to tissue box covers, shopping online is a pain too. Don't get stuck with the wrong tissue box cover. Learn what to look for before you purchase a new box cover.

 At kittol, we understand how difficult it was to shop for the right product, so we decided to solve this problem by curating our own collection of tissue box covers, keeping in mind all the important aspects - quality, looks and price. Rest assured that while shopping with us, you'll never be disappointed!