Startle Your Guests with These Amazing Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas

Startle Your Guests with These Amazing Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas

Oct 14 , 2022

Adnan Khurshid

Whether you are going for some cute Halloween theme decor or stage a bone chilling horror scene, giving a fright to your guests as they use the bathroom is always fun. While we get wholly involved in giving spooky vibes to our interiors for Halloween, we pay little attention to the restrooms. Doing some Halloween bathroom decor would be adventurous, and your guests surely would be taken aback (even impressed!) by the unexpected horror.

Depending upon the level of scare that you want to create and what type of guests would likely use your bathroom, you can try any of these fascinating bath decor ideas this Halloween.

Halloween Bathroom Decorations: Should You Stay Minimalist or Go Over the Top?

As Halloween nears, the excitement builds up to give each other a good scare. Freaky Halloween costumes and makeovers, horror flicks, themed parties, and creepy looking food items are surely the things that we enjoy. But taking the Halloween furor to the next level by placing some scary or fall themed elements in your bathroom can be pretty surprising for visitors.

Minimalist Black and Orange Themed Bathroom Decor

If your guests would include children and the elderly, we suggest sticking to some cute Halloween themed decors like pumpkins, DIY bats, or jack o’ lantern string lights. You can even go for an orange and black fall themed decor by simply using accessories like soap dispensers, towels, rugs, shower curtains, and containers in these colors. For instance, towels, a bathmat, and a faux leather Halloween tissue box cover in black can be placed alongside an orange soap dispenser and lights for a subtle, welcoming look. Draw a scary face on the tissue, dispenser bottles, towels, and a cute jack o'lantern on the mirror for some added fun. 

Go Over the Top to Give Your Guests a Good Fright

If you are hosting a Halloween party at your place and are well aware that some of your friends are big fans of the horror genre, there are plenty of spooky bathroom decoration ideas to try. From a life size skeleton lying in your bathtub to recreating a nightmarish murder scene in your restroom, you can intensify the eerie vibes to scare your buddies and make them wonder whether your place is haunted.

You can stay as minimalist with the bathroom decor as you want and go to any extreme if you think your guests can brace the exaggeration. If you want some unique bath decor ideas to make it cohesive with the rest of your Halloween decor, we have collected some trendy ideas you can try.

Warn Your Guest with a Halloween Bathroom Sign

Escort your guest to the restroom with an eerie bathroom sign wall hanging that would make them beware of what could be waiting for them. More than guiding them to the bathroom, the sign would build curiosity and fear within them, which is totally tolerable since it's Halloween.

You can buy a ready made Halloween themed sign and hang it on the way to the washroom, or make one yourself. You can either write a scary quote, such as "Behold! Don't look into the shower!" Or, "Here's where we summon the spirits!" with red ink. Draw spooky figures like a headless man, skeleton, or a scary witch and give an impression of blood splashes on the drawing. Frame it in a black vintage style wooden frame and hang it outside the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can just hang a Happy Halloween Poster with a direction sign towards your restroom.

Cute Halloween Bathroom Decor

If you want to stay within the Halloween theme and don't want to go over the top to scare people, you can instead opt for cute Halloween themed accessories, such as shower curtains, rugs, towels, and wall hangings in cartoon skulls, witches, and Jack o' lanterns prints. In this way, you will still hold on to the Halloween theme and refrain from creating a scary scene for any faint-hearted guests.

DIY Halloween Decor for Your Bathroom

If you are on a budget, some DIY decor will do the trick of Halloween bathroom decor effectively. You can spray paint your white led light string with orange color for a warm, Halloween themed light. Take black cardboard paper, cut out some bats and bugs, and stick them on the walls, mirror, or bathroom door to make it look like your restroom is invaded by these creepy species.

You can also add some fake bugs or googly eyes in the clear soap dispenser to add eerie vibes. Carve a pumpkin to make a DIY jack o' lantern, and place it along with white candles, some twigs, and orange leaves on the countertop, corner of the floor, and on top of the toilet flush to create a spooky atmosphere

Terrifying Clown Lurking in the Bathtub

Finding a creepy clown with blood stains popping out of the bathtub is everyone’s worst nightmare. You can take your guests in for a surprise by placing a hideous looking clown in your bathtub. Blow the things a bit out of proportion by fabricating blood splashes in the tub and the shower curtain.

Bride Corpse Themed Bathroom Decor

Give your guests some spooky visuals of the corpse bride as they use the restroom. With the life size mannequin of the corpse bride giving them an eerie smile, it would be impossible for them not to freak out. Dim the lights and add some more chilly feels by placing some jack-o’lanterns, fake spiders, and cobwebs.

Scary Ghost on a Toilet

One of the spookiest fantasies we all have is a ghost popping up from the toilet. You can make this illusion come to life by creating a horrifying visual in your bathroom. Surprisingly, this idea is pretty easy to execute. Just use a very dim blue light in your bathroom and create a ghost by putting a white sheet with a spooky face drawn on it on a wooden peck beside the seat. As soon as your guest enters the bathroom, he will be stupefied by the ghost near the seat.

Halloween Sink Decor Idea

Even a sink counter decor with Halloween themed elements can be a good idea to let your guests feel the same spooky atmosphere even when they take a break during the Halloween party. An antique candle holder with burning candles, a vintage style mirror, and the typical Halloween elements like the pumpkin, miniature skeletons and skulls are enough to give creepy vibes.

Frightening Monster Behind the Shower Curtain for Halloween

Here is a terrific idea to startle anyone who uses the bathroom during the Halloween party. You can either make someone wear a frightening monster mask to sneak out from behind the shower curtain as soon as anyone enters the bathroom. Or you can give the same illusion by using a dummy that would give the same bone chilling experience to your guest! Don't forget to keep it gloomy with dimmed lighting.

Spooky Bathtub Decorations

The bathtub gives you plenty of options to get creative with the Halloween decor. You can literally create a blood bath with water and red dye, with splashes of fake blood here and there. You can also create bloody footsteps from the gate to the toilet. Near the shower fixture, you can keep a skull, a candle, and a mysterious poster reminding your guests of the Ghost rider.

Another trending idea to give a spine-chilling experience to the visitors is to scare them with a corpse lying in the tub, and blood stains all over the bathroom. You can create a corpse with the help of some trash bags, Styrofoam, and packing tape.

Or there can be a life size skeleton prop sitting on the side of the tub, waiting to take your guests in for a spooky surprise.

Horror Movie Bathroom Decor Ideas

One thing that many people love to do the most on Halloween is to watch horror movies. If you are hosting a movie night with your friends on Halloween, it is the perfect time to align the choice of the movie with your bathroom decor. Recreate a scene from a horror flick to give your pals a good scare.

Create the silhouette of a woman behind the window with the help of a mannequin and a light source. The light falling on the mannequin would create a shadow on the window, freaking out anyone who enters the bathroom.

The same idea can be done for the shower area, where you can use a life size cardboard cutout visible as a real person’s shadow hiding behind the curtain. Create an eerie effect with the help of lighting, making your guests believe that a maniac is hiding in the shower.

Witch Bathroom Theme Decor

Witchcraft theme has always enchanted people for thousands of years, so picking it as your Halloween bath decor theme this year is a no fail way to impress your guests. You can use cute little accessories like a mini cauldron, broomstick, candles, potion bottles, and a string light in the shape of the witch hat to create a themed look, or you can go on with a hair-raising witchcraft scene in your bathroom. Use potion bottles with unusual looking liquid inside them and add witch-themed accessories here and there.

 Scary Bathroom Invaded by Spiders

Spiders and bugs invading your washroom is a nightmare we all must have seen. We fear a bug would come out of the tap, from under the sink, or even from the toilet seat. You can quickly fake spiders, which you can place all over the bathroom to intimidate the guests. Add fake cobwebs too, to make your bathroom look like it has not been in use since ages. Such Halloween decor would look great in bathrooms that have antique style elements.

Adding Halloween Vibes with Themed Decor

Below, we have gathered a few splendid decor suggestions with individual elements. Just placing any of these things adequately creates a Halloween inspired creepy ambiance.

Halloween Floor Mat

Halloween themed floor mats are available in a huge variety, and you can pick one that goes along with the rest of your theme.

Spooky Floor and Wall Decal

A 3D horror visual for your guests can await as they enter the bathroom. Decals are an excellent element to give a sudden spooky feel depending on the scene that you are showing with it. We suggest going for a floor decal with skulls and skeletons trying to crawl out from the lava.

Jack O’ Lantern LED String Lights

Halloween decor is incomplete with the jack o’ lanterns. While you can carve a hollowed pumpkin and place an LED light inside it, a string of pumpkin shaped led lights hung on the mirror would give a perfectly themed look to your bathroom. They emit just enough light to let you see things clearly.


Get vintage style candle stand and a few white candles to decorate your bathroom with their murky light. The real candles would add to the eerie vibes, looking like an exorcism is about to take place in your bathroom. You can also go for battery operated led candles in orange or black color to place near the window, on the countertop, or on the towel rack.

Halloween Window Decor Ideas

Decorate your windows in Halloween style by placing some cutout bats, spiders, miniature skeletons, and pumpkins to stick to the classic Halloween themed decor. Add some fake cobwebs too.

Summing Up the Halloween Bathroom Decor Suggestions

Scaring your friends and family is a norm on Halloween. If you go the extra mile and put up the themed decor elements in the bathroom as well, it will be an enjoyable experience both for you and your friends. Black and orange bath decor elements, and special Halloween themed elements are readily available, so you won't have a hard time getting your hands on them. As Halloween is just around the corner, you can pick any of these bath decor ideas that interest you and try to create it for your Halloween party.