Why DIY tissue box covers will break your aesthetic dreams

Why DIY tissue box covers will break your aesthetic dreams

Jul 11 , 2022

Adnan Khurshid

Sometimes, DIYs can be a good idea.

For example, when you can’t find a shirt in the specific design that you’re looking for; it could help to get one tailor-made just for you!

Or, when all the cakes at your local bakery have too much sugar and you’re craving something just slightly on the neutral side – you could bake your own according to your unique preferences.

But when it comes to home improvement, DIYs rarely work – unless, of course, you’re a seasoned engineer or a designer with years of experience creating things.

The best you can expect a home improvement DIY to come out as a complete beginner is something just about okay, the worst; we’ve heard of a couple of trips to the hospital all thanks to tools and chemicals required.

What does this have to do with tissue box covers?

See, tissue boxes are like walls; people barely ever notice them because they are supposed to be invisible. That’s why most walls in our houses are painted in neutral colors.

This is why you immediately notice paintings and wall-hangings when you step into a room; instead of the walls themselves. The neutral colors help things that really matter pop!

Now, imagine if you changed the color of your walls to something different; maybe a green. Try and imagine what your entire house would look like now.

It feels chaotic right? A mish-mash of colors and items bleeding into one another; as if something has gone horribly wrong.


Tissue boxes are the same.

When they blend in, they can provide value; clean tissues, as they become a part of the aesthetic that you’ve got going on.

But try doing something funky with them and they will easily draw attention to the underdressed corners of your house, throw off your aesthetic, and make your home look shabby, untidy, and randomly decorated.

No one wants to ruin a first could-have-been-great impression.

The one thing we don’t like about DIY projects is that they grab attention. Handmade things, especially as a beginner can look rough, ragged, and lack that sleek seamless finish that acts like the walls of a house.

These projects are also highly inconsistent – one day you have a favorite material available in the market; the other day it’s gone!

All the reasons we stand against any tissue box cover DIY projects

We respect that so many people share a certain enthusiasm for DIY projects.

It’s okay to DIY things; if that’s what you want. But it also helps to think about the reasons why one would turn to DIYs. More often than not, people think they can save money by simply DIY-ing things – which in a lot of cases isn’t true.

Let’s talk about some other practical reasons why DIY-ing tissue box covers isn’t as great an idea as it seems.

Very few workable materials

There are very limited material options that one has to create a DIY tissue box cover. If you’re looking for affordable options, you can either use wood, plastic, cardboard, or cloth.

All of these could be great, but most interior design experts would argue that these materials aren’t flexible, will not last long, and end up costing more money in the long run in upkeep, replacements, and maintenance.

DIYs are time-consuming

People often underestimate how much time it can take to make something even as small as a tissue box cover – especially if you’re a beginner.

The amount of time investment required to get covers for all your tissue boxes done is almost not worth the quality and looks produced.

Even after so much time and effort that went into them, these won’t be as sleek, stylish, and durable as something you can easily buy for less than the cost of a dinner.

They can actually cost more

Not a lot of DIY-ers know this, but most projects, including handmade tissue box covers, cost more to make yourself, than simply placing an order online.

There’s the cost of material that you’ll have to factor in, then there is the cost of tools that you’ll need. Add maintenance and replacement costs in the long term and a DIY project could easily cost you triple what you could have paid for a better-looking, longer-lasting piece.

Won’t be multifunctional

The best tissue box covers are ones that are more than just tissue box covers – they are décor items and enhance the interior design of a space by blending into the theme.

Professionally crafted covers often come with a neater, cleaner, more refined aesthetic that can actually be trusted to last longer than something you can create on your backyard workbench.

Rectangular Tissue Box on a table

What you can do instead – try our faux leather tissue box cover

So, a tissue box cover DIY won’t work.

Now what?

Easy, instead of a basic DIY tissue box cover, you can put a sleek and modern faux leather tissue box cover on your center table for a clean, put-together, and luxurious aesthetic.

This isn’t something a handmade tissue box cover can do.

For only $14.99, with no time investment or effort, your home can look at least twice as expensive as it actually is.

Let’s talk about all the reasons why we think our faux leather tissue box cover is the solution to your aesthetic woes.

Sleek and stylish

Quite the contrary to a tissue box cover DIY project, our faux leather cover is sleek, stylish, and modern. The slim and seamless design easily goes with modern and clean aesthetic themes, elevating the look and design of any space.

You can place a tissue box with this cover anywhere and have it blend in with the design of the room. From offices to dressing tables and even toilets, this is a design you won’t go wrong with.

Available in different neutral colors

Color variety is difficult to cater to when it comes to DIY tissue box covers. The materials available to work with aren’t as versatile as faux leather.

Our tissue box cover comes in five different neutral colors that go with any color theme you want to follow.

This works especially well if you’re trying to do different rooms in different color themes, because you can get the same style in different colors, instead of going for a different handmade tissue box cover for each theme.

High functionality

Tissue boxes are basic things; they need covers that don’t require too much upkeep, are easy to handle, are aesthetic, and also keep the tissues free from dust.

Basically; covers you can put over the boxes and then forget about for a long time. Even though this level of functionality could be hard to achieve with a tissue box cover DIY project, you can easily get this with our faux leather tissue box cover.

Our cover is quick to clean, easy to maintain, and keeps your tissues neat and clean while also serving as a décor item.

Modern cube-shaped

If you’re into modern designs, a cube is a great shape for you. Cubes easily fit into a range of different spaces without looking out of place.

They are uniform and so they look neat. This is why so many tissue boxes are cube-shaped! The perfect cube shape is hard to achieve in a tissue box cover DIY project, but you don’t have to worry about that with our product.

High-quality material

Our tissue box cover is made out of faux leather, which adds a touch of luxury to it. Compared to a DIY tissue box cover, this is much more durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetic.

Perfect size

The faux leather tissue box cover comes in cozy 5” cubes that can fit into spaces big and small from bedrooms to car dashboards easily.

How to style your house with faux leather tissue box covers easily

Tissues are a necessity. Whether you’re traveling, enjoying a drama in your lounge, or taking a meeting in your office, you’re likely going to need a tissue at some point.

But placing random-colored tissue boxes around your spaces can make them look poorly decorated and shabby. Covering them with elegant covers like some faux leather pieces will add to the aesthetics and help them blend into your interior design theme.

To make the most of their functionality and practicality, try placing one in each room, including the toilets and lounges.

Aim for a console in the living room, your nightstand in your bedroom, right beside your computer or laptop at your office, and in the center of your meeting table.

It is also important to make sure your pick the right color for each room, according to its theme. And that’s it; it’s really hard to go wrong with these faux leather covers!


Now that you know why we don’t think handmade tissue box covers can do justice to any space and how to spruce up your home and office without falling into the DIY trap, try out our covers and let us know how it went for you!

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