Pick the Perfect Tissue Box Cover for your Space According to Different Tissue Box Sizes

Pick the Perfect Tissue Box Cover for your Space According to Different Tissue Box Sizes

Jun 18 , 2022

Adnan Khurshid

Decorating your space and making it look amazing takes a lot of time, effort, and money; it is a huge investment. Too huge, in fact, to have tiny things like uncovered tissue boxes ruin the vibe of your neat and tidy corners.

According to many interior designers, making sure that your décor and furniture follows a consistent theme is a great way to keep your house looking ready-for-guests at all times.

Want to bring out and draw attention to those super fancy items? Experts suggest blending the small ‘disrupters’ into the background with neutral colors!

Disrupters are small, but necessary accessories; like tissue boxes, storage items, and trash cans, among other things. Since these can be oddly-colored and randomly placed, they can quickly catch floating attention, drawing it away from things that actually need centerstage.

This is why we really love using neutral colored or theme-matching tissue box covers. Because, let’s admit it; we aren’t getting rid of tissue anytime soon. But making sure these tissue boxes don’t take away anything from the aesthetics can easily be done with tissue box covers!

Some people even use tissue box covers as an additional décor item – which is genius! But choosing the right tissue box cover for your space, can be tricky. So, in this guide, we’re going to make sure that you walk away knowing exactly what covers you’re going to get.

Here, we’re going to be talking about why we encourage tissue box covers, and things you should consider when getting some for your house, like the size of tissue boxes you own!

Excited? Let’s not waste anymore time and dive right in.

Why tissue box covers?

Gold Tissue Box Cover

Now, we admit, there are several ways to hide tissues; you can keep them inside a themed box, you can take the tissues out and place them in a custom tissue box, and you can even place aesthetic tissue dispensers around your space.

But; even though many people may do all of these, none of these are as easy as simply buying a good old tissue box, and putting a cover on it to make sure it blends in with your theme. This is why we love tissue box covers so much.

Going with a neutral theme? Simply get the dimensions of your favorite Kleenex box, get a cover that match the size, in a shade from your palette and you’re done!

Feeling like a change of color around your house? Take off your tissue box covers, and put on new ones! As easy as that!

If you’re having trouble picking the right tissue box cover for the kind of tissues you use, here’s our guide to figuring that out.

Here’s everything you need to consider when picking tissue box covers for your space

The right tissue box cover will either add to your space aesthetics as decor, or make your tissues blend right in with your theme.  

Here are a few factors that we think are worth considering when picking the perfect tissue box covers for your space.


One of the first things you need to look at is, style.

How do like styling things around your space?

Do you have a fancy, blingy interior with a lot of gold and sparkles?

Do you like neat edges and cuboid-styled furnishings?

Do you like creating the illusion of open space, or do you prefer coziness?

The way you like styling your space will determine the kind of tissue box covers you should use.

Wooden and velvet tissue box covers are perfect for cozy, bohemian spaces, while neutral colored, leather covers bring out the best in neater, more modern spaces.


Black Tissue Box Cover

Next, it’s also important to keep in mind the color theme you’re working with. Whether your interiors are made up of bright and intense colors, nude and hushed colors or pastels. Whatever your color palette, you’ll need to ensure that the tissue box covers you pick, match it!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to color, is to set an intention as to what you want that color to do in your space. Whether your intent is to hide the tissue boxes, or to actually use them as an additional décor pieces, you can easily do this with the right cover.  

If you want the tissue boxes to blend in, simply pick a color that will not cast any additional attention to them, however, if you’d rather them act as part of décor, try getting covers that match your theme, but also act as art, so you can place them strategically for better aesthetics.

When it comes to color, dimensions are also important. Bright colors on big boxes can overpower a small table; while nude colors on small boxes can help them blend into the background. So, when picking a color, keep in mind sizes, especially, square tissue box dimensions.


Another angle to consider is functionality and whether you’re looking for something that is easy to maintain, quick to clean and also serves other benefits apart from just offering your tissue boxes a home, or something high maintenance.

Even though there are several options for both, it is always smart to pick something that offers multifaceted benefits.

If you’re looking for something more low-maintenance and modern, try our square faux leather tissue box covers! These come in a classic 5” cube shape, lending a hand to clean, modern design as well as offer low maintenance functionality, and dust-free tissue.


Next, we’d say take shape into consideration. Your tissue box size and shape will determine what covers you can use on them.

Rectangular boxes can add dimension with their elongated shape, and have the potential to be used as décor pieces with wooden or textured tissue box covers.

Square boxes on the other hand, do better in minimal and modern spaces, so if you use tissues with square boxes, you might want to consider square faux leather tissue box covers to make sure they fit right into your space aesthetics.


Moving forward, material is another important deciding factor. This will also depend on what level of maintenance you’re willing to put up with.

Faux leather box covers are usually very low maintenance, can easily be cleaned with wipes and are highly durable. Wooden and metal tissue boxes on the other hand need users to be extra careful. Water and humidity can easily ruin a family size tissue box cover!


Quality can also be a big factor when it comes to picking the perfect tissue box cover. Faux leather tissue boxes are generally better in quality than other materials, which means you can keep using them for longer, without having to replace them.


Do you carry your tissue boxes from room to room depending on where you’re sitting? Does the lid swing open, spilling the tissues all over the place?

Do you have to carry the box super carefully as to make sure that your tissues stay in the box, and the box in the cover? If that’s your problem, you probably don’t have a highly portable tissue box cover.

In many cases, this is fine because the tissues don’t need to be carried from corner to corner. But if portability is important, its best to look for a cover that straps the box in using Velcro. The good news is that strapped covers are easily available for standard tissue box sizes.

For 5” tissue box dimensions, you can check out our 5-color, faux leather collection at KITTOL!


Finally, tissue box sizes can be deceiving. Buying a cover without knowing the exact dimensions can result in wastage. Even an inch difference can have the cover looking oversized and bulky, or worse, not fit the box at all. Make sure that you’re aware of your exact tissue size and dimensions of your tissue box.

Pick the right tissue box covers according to their sizes

If you’re not aware of the sizes, simply use a ruler for accurate measurement Kleenex box dimensions. For your ease, we’ve listed down some of the most popular tissue boxes and their dimensions so you can pick your covers accordingly.

Sizes of some of the most popular tissue boxes

Puffs Facial Tissues

Puffs facial tissues are super soft, smell great and come in almost-cubes with 4.13 x 4.38 x 5 inch dimensions, that are pretty similar to the standard Kleenex tissue box size.

These boxes can easily fit into our super cool vegan faux leather covers! Available in 5 different neutral colors, these will hide the Puffs branding, making your tissue boxes fit for any space!

Kleenex Ultra Soft

This Kleenex tissue box dimensions are 5 x 4.5 x 4.38 inches, and similar to the Puffs facial tissues, these would slip right into our square 5” cube cover. This Kleenex box size would be make the perfect addition to a modern and neat space.

Puffs Basic Facial Tissues

The Puffs Basic Facial Tissue box comes at 8.9 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches making it a snug little rectangle. This is perfect if you have a bigger space since the rectangle will add to it with its length, instead of taking away from it like a square box would. Place it in a light-colored cover to add brightness and the illusion of light to a big room.  

Angel Soft Professional Series

Use Angel Soft Professional Series in your office? If you already didn’t know the dimensions, they are 4.8 x 9.62 x 2.1 inches. So, if you’re looking for a cover for these tissue boxes, keep the numbers in mind!

Kleenex Cooling Lotion with Coconut Oil & Aloe

The size of Kleenex tissue box is 5 x 4.5 x 4.38 inches. Of all the Kleenex box sizes, this one fits best into the cube category. If you’re looking for a cube cover for a small space, try our faux leather cover. It’s available in 5 different colors to make sure that you always have a cover for any interior design theme.


Now that you know everything about picking the right tissue box covers according to different sizes and spaces, we trust you to make the best move.

Got your Kleenex box dimensions? Find your perfect square tissue box covers at KITTOL!